All About Us

Missing authentic South African biltong in Auckland? Big Game Biltong's got you covered. We're South African expats bringing the real deal - flavorful biltong made with premium NZ beef. Explore our story and discover a world of biltong deliciousness!


The Biltong Struggle in New Zealand

We're South African expats living in Auckland, and let's face it – finding truly delicious biltong in New Zealand, especially West Auckland, can be a real struggle. Supermarkets and stores just don't offer the same rich, flavorful biltong we grew up loving back home.

The Birth of Big Game Biltong

That's why we decided to take matters into our own hands. We knew many other South Africans (and adventurous Kiwis!) craved that authentic South African biltong experience.

Order a bag of flavorsome Biltong with us today. 

Crafting the Best Biltong in New Zealand

Drawing on our experience and discerning palates, we created Big Game Biltong, a brand dedicated to crafting the best biltong in New Zealand. We use a time-tested South African curing process with 100% premium New Zealand beef and only the finest natural spices for our biltong recipe.

Beyond a Snack: The Versatility of Biltong

Big Game Biltong isn't just a snack – it's a versatile culinary delight. Enjoy it on its own, or get creative and incorporate it into your favorite dishes and canapés. This uniquely South African tradition deserves to be shared and savored by everyone, everywhere.

Our Mission: Bringing You Crave-Worthy Biltong

Our mission? To deliver the irresistibly delicious, crave-worthy biltong you've been searching for. Let Big Game Biltong bring a taste of South Africa to your table!