We love Biltong

We love Biltong and we want to share
this amazing beef snack with all New Zealanders.

South Afrcan Recipe Biltong made in New Zealand

We make Biltong that tastes like Biltong

As South African Expats in New Zealand, we have always had a yearning to have better tasting Biltong more readily available. Especially in West Auckland, Hobsonville. So arose our mission to solve this dilemma - enter Big Game Biltong, Auckland.

We realized that many South Africans will never let go of their beloved and traditional Biltong snack, no matter where they are in the World. Never satisfied with other Biltong offerings in New Zealand, we decided to create and provide a better product for all to enjoy.

Making Biltong is an age old South African method of curing beef. It is a versatile snack and can be used in many dishes as well. We use 100% Quality New Zealand Beef and natural spices in our curing process. 

Our wish is to share, popularize and normalize this unique and tasty snack with everybody. Biltong is a unique snack which is both incredibly tasty and addictive!

Only 100% NZ Beef is used

We have sourced and use only the Best Cuts of meat to make our Biltong.

We use Traditional South African Curing methods

Growing up in South Africa eating Biltong, we have a certain expectation of how it should taste. Through our marinating to the drying process, we have the best recipe! All natural and no MSG.

We dont hold back on the Flavor

Only natural spices, salts and vinegars is used to create our delicious Biltong. We don't make bland Biltong. Our Chilli, Garlic and Plain Flavored Biltong will keep you coming back for more.


Biltong contains iron and natural proteins and restores our supply of Amino Acids (creatine). This is essential for muscle Growth. You also find sources of Vitamin B12, in Biltong, for red blood cell creation which helps maintain muscle health.

Source: Bull and Clever

We do not add preservatives or extra sugars. The cuts of meat that we use is low in fat, compared to other cured meats. So it is a great snack to have after exercise.

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