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Big Game Biltong

Biltong Sliced

Biltong Sliced

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Experience the unbeatable taste of our handcrafted Sliced Biltong, proudly made in Hobsonville, Auckland. Indulge in the ultimate biltong experience by choosing from our exquisite selection of flavours: fiery chilli, savoury garlic, and classic regular.

Delight in the exceptional quality of our Sliced Biltong, crafted using Grass Fed New Zealand Beef. Prepared with an authentic Traditional South African recipe, our in-house blend of natural spices ensures a tantalising flavours that's free from artificial additives.

Enhance your culinary adventures with our versatile Sliced Biltong. Sprinkle it over fresh salads, elevate the flavours of your favourite pizzas, or savour it as a post-gym protein boost. Impress your guests with delectable canapés at any event, whether it's your dream wedding, milestone 50th or 60th celebration, or lively 21st birthday party.

Choose our premium Sliced Biltong for an unparalleled taste sensation. Order now to experience the epitome of biltong perfection that will leave you craving more.

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**Choose without fat and we remove the fat for you but the meat might still be naturally oily. Choose with fat and get a mix of biltong with fat and without (depending on availability).

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