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Big Game Biltong

Biltong Guillotine Cutter Slicer

Biltong Guillotine Cutter Slicer

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If you've ever struggled to cut biltong steaks with a regular kitchen knife, you know how frustrating it can be. The cut is never too your liking and it can be difficult to get a clean slice.

That's why we give you the Biltong Guillotine Cutter Slicer. It's the perfect tool for cutting biltong steaks quickly and easily. So stop getting your kitchen knives blunt or breaking a sweat when cutting Big Game Biltong dried steaks

With its stainless steel thick solid curved blade and adjustable thickness control, you can get the perfect slice every time.

Simply place your biltong on the wooden base, adjust the thickness regulator, and get slicing. The blade will slice through the meat with ease, giving you a clean and even slice. The thickness regulator is removable to suit your needs.

The Biltong Guillotine Cutter Slicer is also easy to clean, light weight, and takes up little space in your kitchen.

So if you're looking for a way to make cutting biltong steaks easier, the Biltong Guillotine Cutter Slicer is the perfect solution for you.


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