Biltong Whole Steaks

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Biltong Whole Slabs

Whole Biltong Steaks are perfect for eating in a variety of ways and requirements. Our steaks are meaty and tasty, made with our traditional South African Biltong Recipe.

Shop our different weights including 1kg, which you can also buy on Afterpay if required.

Whole slabs can be sliced thick or thin, diced, grated into flakes or blended into dust. Use what is needed and store the rest for another occasion. 

Add the pieces for a platter or compliment it in meals and dishes. Top Pizzas and Pastas with flakes or slivers. Garnish salads with sliced biltong or add grated pieces to your favorite sandwich.  

We have Chilli, Garlic and Plain Flavors to choose from. Afterpay and Humm is available for your order if you want to start munching now and paying later.

You can also shop our other Biltong Products as well, to add to your order.

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