Our Traditional Biltong Recipe

When searching for biltong that captures the authentic South African taste, look no further than Big Game Biltong. We've perfected a traditional, original recipe to deliver a unique product – the taste of South Africa, made fresh in Auckland, New Zealand.


High Standards, Exceptional Flavor:

We are committed to the highest quality standards, ensuring our biltong is anything but bland or artificial. Here's a glimpse into the meticulous process that sets Big Game Biltong apart

The Big Game Biltong Making Process


  • Fresh, Grass-Fed New Zealand Beef: Our journey begins with sourcing the finest ingredient – fresh, grass-fed New Zealand beef. We start the curing process immediately to maintain optimal freshness.
  • Natural Curing with Vinaigrettes and Spices: We use a unique blend of vinaigrettes and all-natural spices to marinate the meat for several hours. Salt, MSG and vinegar act as natural preservatives, allowing us to avoid artificial additives and excessive sugar. Read more about MSG.
  • Precise Drying for Perfect Texture: Once perfectly marinated, the biltong enters the drying chamber. We meticulously monitor temperature and texture to achieve the desired level of dryness, whether you prefer it soft or well-done. This ensures a food-safe product suitable for all ages.
  • Flavorful Fat Retention: We source cuts with natural beef fat, essential for retaining flavor and texture during curing. The drying time and fat content contribute to the final product's texture – sometimes drier, sometimes soft and oily. We strategically mix cuts to deliver a diverse flavor experience.
  • Preservative-Free, Ready-to-Enjoy: As a cured meat, our biltong is never released with a raw center. Free from preservatives, it's a fresh and healthy snack. Our well-matured meat is ready to enjoy straight out of the bag.
  • Homemade and Authentic Spices: We take pride in our homemade spice blends, sourced from reputable suppliers. We offer a variety, including Peri Peri, Chilli, Garlic, and a delicious Smoked Biltong option that incorporates natural smoke flavors into our traditional recipe.
  • Variety for Every Preference: Our biltong comes in a range of styles to satisfy your cravings: sticks or bites, sliced, or whole steaks.

Order your Smoked Biltong or Regular Biltong today for delivery in New Zealand today!