Our Traditional Biltong Recipe

When searching for traditional South African tasting Biltong, order from us. Find out how our biltong recipe ensures that our product stands out from the rest.

Our Biltong recipe is unmatched

Here at Big Game Biltong we have perfected our traditional, original biltong recipe. Our aim is to create a unique product that tastes like Biltong bought direct from South Africa, but made in Auckland New Zealand. 

We ensure high standards when making this dried meat snack, so beloved by South Africans worldwide. We don't make bland or artificial Biltong. 

Here's how we make our Biltong

Our Biltong making process starts with sourcing fresh New Zealand Beef for drying. We start our process curing immediately to maintain freshness.

With our mix of vinaigrettes and all natural spices, we massage and marinate the meat to rest over a number of hours. As the salt and vinegar is a natural form of preservative, we don't add other preservatives or too much sugar.

Order a Kilo of Biltong in Sliced, Sticks or Whole Steaks

Once the meat has marinated to perfection we start the drying process over a number of days. Over the course of the drying process, we monitor the temperature and softness of the meat till ready for removal. Whether soft or well dried, we can regulate the finished product to our customers needs. All while maintaining a food safety regulated product which is made for all ages.

We do not make bland Biltong

As Biltong is a cured meat, we don't release a product that is still raw in the center. It is also preservative and MSG Free so the product you receive is fresh and healthy. Our meat is well matured and ready to eat and enjoy.

Our spices are home made and sourced from reputable suppliers. We mix our own Peri Peri and Chilli Spices along with our Garlic Mix. We have also produced a delicious Smoked Biltong curing process with all natural ingredients. Our Smoked Flavor Biltong is the regular traditional recipe Biltong with an addition of smoked flavors. 

Our product range of flavors include Biltong cut into sticks or bites, sliced or Whole steaks. 

Order your bag today for a taste of original South African Biltong made in New Zealand.