How to save and store your Biltong

Awesome! So you are looking to order a few packs or a ton of Biltong from Big Game Biltong? If you are not planning on devouring your Biltong all at once, here are a few things you need to know about storing your dried meat for longevity.

Storing your Biltong

Our Biltong conditions

As our Biltong is preservative free, it is a perishable product with a common shelf life. In our snack packs or bulk packaging, Biltong lasts un-refrigerated for 3 - 4 Days under cool and dry conditions. Traditionally, Biltong is meant to breath and mature overtime under dry conditions with airflow, to last longer.

Within our snack packs, Biltong will spoil faster if conditions include:

  1. Direct sunlight for extend periods of time
  2. Stored un-refrigerated in damp, dark or humid conditions 

We package using sealed clear pouches and vacuum seal bags. We do so for convenience, shipping and snacking on the go - see Refund Policy. Hot and humid conditions are not recommended as the meat releases moisture within the bag. Therefore sealed packs left out in the sun, or under high heat, for extended periods of time is not recommended - see Shipping. If you are on the long road, it is advisable to keep your packs cool and dry.  

Here are our recommended guidelines for best product storage and consumption.

Storing and saving Biltong within our Snack Packs

Our awesome Biltong is packaged for you to grab and take on your journey. Saving your dried meat to eat later means you will need to refrigerate the packs for no longer than 7 Days. You can also freeze your packs for up to 3 weeks.

Defrosting Biltong does not take long so you can be munching again in no time at all. Please ensure this process is done in cool and dry conditions.

Storing and saving our Biltong with large orders in bulk packaging

When ordering large Biltong orders, the same rules apply for storage as mentioned before. Biltong will last up to 7 Days packaged and refrigerated and freezing is recommend for 3 weeks.

How to save whole steaks

Whole Biltong Steaks are ideal for long term munching. You can slice off bits of what you need then close the vacuum seal bag and place into your fridge. Steaks will mature even further over time. 10 Days Refrigerated is the ideal time to eat a steak. Otherwise, freezing your steak for up to 3 weeks is another option. Whole steaks can also be left out to dry in cool and dry conditions in a brown paper bag. Or place the drying meat in a container where air flow is possible. We do not recommend leaving a whole steak out to dry for longer 5 Days.

Follow these guidelines for a great Big Game Biltong experience. This unique snack has a rich cultural history in South Africa and must be enjoyed universally. 

Order your Smoked Biltong or Regular Biltong today for delivery in New Zealand today!