Find out more about the Traditional South African Snack - Biltong

Biltong: Your Kiwi Guide to the South African Snack Sensation!

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What is biltong?

Think of it as the ultimate jerky upgrade. Biltong is dried, cured meat originating in South Africa, packed with flavor and protein. Made with quality cuts of beef, it's naturally air-dried, giving it a unique, softer texture compared to jerky. Imagine juicy, flavorful slices that melt in your mouth – that's biltong!

How is it different from jerky?

Both are dried meats, but here's the kicker: biltong is slowly air-dried, resulting in a softer, chewier texture. Plus, it's traditionally sliced thicker, offering a more satisfying bite. Think of it as the gourmet jerky, with a distinct South African twist.

What types of meat are used?

Traditionally, beef is the star, but some producers use game meats like ostrich or kudu for a truly exotic experience. We focus on premium grass-fed New Zealand beef, ensuring top-notch quality and taste.

What does it taste like?

The magic lies in the seasoning and recipe. Our Biltong boasts a rich, savory meaty flavor with hints of coriander, vinegar and Worcestershire Sauce. We offer a range of flavors, from regular(safari), chilli(peri-peri), garlic and our exotic Smoked Variant. Tantalize your taste buds with our unique snack.

Is biltong healthy?

It's a protein powerhouse with minimal processing. Compared to processed snacks, it's a low-carb, low-sugar option that can help you stay energized and satisfied. Remember, moderation is key!

How is biltong made?

It's an age-old tradition. Quality meat is trimmed, seasoned, and air-dried under controlled conditions. We use natural ingredients and time-honored methods to create an authentic biltong experience.

Where can I buy biltong in New Zealand?

Right here! We offer premium New Zealand-made biltong, delivered straight to your door. Forget the hassle of searching and making your own – get your biltong fix with just a few clicks!

How long does biltong last?

Stored properly, it can last for weeks. We ensure freshness and quality with our packaging and delivery methods.

How do I store biltong?

Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You can even store your biltong in a brown bag!

Is there New Zealand-made biltong available?

Absolutely! We proudly offer New Zealand-made biltong, using local ingredients and expertise. Support local and enjoy the freshest, tastiest biltong possible!

What are the differences between South African and New Zealand biltong?

Both are delicious, but New Zealand biltong often uses milder spices to cater to local preferences. We offer a variety of flavors to satisfy both traditional and adventurous palates.

How do I eat biltong?

The possibilities are endless! Enjoy it as a healthy snack, add it to salads or charcuterie boards, or use it to spice up your recipes. It's a versatile and delicious addition to any meal.

Is biltong good for snacking?

Absolutely! It's a protein-packed, satisfying snack that keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Perfect for keto, paleo, and low-carb diets too!

Can I cook with biltong?

Yes! Biltong adds a unique flavor and texture to dishes like stews, soups, and pasta. Get creative and explore the possibilities!

What are some good recipes using biltong?

Check out our website for inspiring recipes featuring biltong, from salads and wraps to hearty stews and pizzas.

Is biltong suitable for keto or paleo diets?

Yes! It's naturally low in carbs and sugar, making it a great choice for these diets. Just be mindful of portion sizes and choose unsweetened varieties.

Are there any allergens or dietary restrictions to consider?

Biltong is typically gluten-free, but always check the ingredients list